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Lincoln in Color   Leave a comment

Lincoln in Color

Honest Abe in natural tints.


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Democrat Button   Leave a comment

Democrat Button

Kinda Funny, yet True !

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Crazy Eyes Bachmann and Her Idol   Leave a comment

Crazy Eyes Bachmann and Her Idol

The Faces of intolerant Stupidity.

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Armed Forces Day 2012   Leave a comment

Armed Forces Day 2012

Another Patriotic Pic’

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Glory Eagle   Leave a comment

Glory Eagle

A Favorite of my Patriotic Pic’s

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What’s a “Patriotic Liberal”, and Why should We care ?   Leave a comment

Hello, I’m a Patriotic Liberal !. I coined this term because I’ve long been sick-and-tired of the conservative habit of trying to make Liberals and Democrats seem less Patriotic, less Christian, and as having less, (or No), “Family Values” than Republicans.

This slander doubly offends Me, because I am a 4-tour Vietnam Veteran, a single parent for 18 years, and a practicing Christian, who tries to live their Faith. The Main difference between my views, and those of a classic Liberal, are that I believe in Our American Military. I think that We need to Maintain, and sometimes Use, the Finest Military Organizations the World has ever seen. While I don’t think We have to be the World’s Policeman, I do think that there are Many occasions when there is no substitute for Military Strength, and the ability to project that strength, anywhere, anytime, wherever humanitarian crisisstrike, or whenever Democratic movements are threatened by oppressive Forces.

The situation in Syria now, (2-12-2012), is a fine example of times when a strong response, and firm leadership is called for by the slaughter of innocents, the refusal of a Dictator to negotiate, and the use of an advanced military  being used against a largely unarmed populace. This being a middle-eastern nation, we must seek to unite with regional States and institutions, and support the resistance in Syria much like we did in Lebanon. Yes, there are differences here, in that this Dictator has the support of some of the population, and has Oil clients, Russia and China, who have resisted United Nations involvement in solving this crisis.

Now, That explains most of the Patriotic part of “Patriotic Liberal“, but I should also explain that I was raised to appreciate how Great it was to be an American, and to live in a country where “The Skies the Limit” of where a person can go in Life. I did understand what being an American means, and how blessed we are to live in such a place, yet I did not fully appreciate what We have until I had been to The Philippines, Mexico, Hong Kong, and of course, South Vietnam. To see hungry, dirty children begging on the streets, to see entire families living in one-room shacks built from cardboard and discarded tin cans, and to have witnessed young girls sold into prostitution for a few hundred dollars,, all those experiences, and many other observations in Third-world Nations, left me with an appreciation for America that was undimmed, even by the wretched treatment we Vietnam Veterans were subjected to on our returns home.

So, There’s my basic statement on the “Patriotic” portion of my beliefs. Now, I have some Cyber-Farming to do, and some correspondence to catch up on as well, so I will return to my definition of being a “Patriotic Liberal” in my next post. Thanks for reading, and Thanks too for any comments you would like to make ! Adios until next time !

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Welcome to my Newest Blog !   Leave a comment

It’s The Christmas Season, It’s the Funniest Republican Primary Season in years. The War in Iraq is supposedly at an end, and I’m not believing that BS either !

So, what I’m saying is that there’s a lot going on around Casa De Morgano at the moment, plus, there’s just tons of material for countless blogs and discussions, and I’m not “blocked” about my writing, but just can’t settle my thoughts into one coherent paragraph at the moment.

Now, I’m not an ingrate, and I’m Really glad that WordPress is giving me this new Blog, so this is my First, but most assuredly not my last Entry on this brand spanking New “Patriotic Liberals” Blog, so, as they used to say on TV, “Stay Tuned”

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