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11 After 9-11, Thoughts about What’s Changed in America.   Leave a comment

11 After 9-11, Thoughts about What’s Changed in America..


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11 After 9-11, Thoughts about What’s Changed in America.   1 comment

11 years ago Today, All of Our lives changed. This horrendous tragedy was Our generation’s Pearl Harbor. In the aftermath of these events, we fearfully re-elected an incompetent President that should never have held the Office in the first place. We also gave up an unprecedented number of Our rights to privacy and have saddled ourselves with security measures that will take decades to roll back, and some of those Rights will never feel the same, even once they are restored.

In the past 11 years, myself and others have repeatedly asked, “What happened to that sense of Unity we all felt after 9-11-01 ?”, and with the present polarized situation of this election year, we Americans are further apart in our Political beliefs than we have been since the Civil War.

The sense of Unity and Togetherness I mentioned above, though tragic in it’s origins, was something that I personally had been waiting for since the Vietnam Era, another season of great differences in our values and beliefs, when it was “Hardhats vs Hippies”, and even the Democratic Convention in Chicago couldn’t escape the boiling controversy. That scene of the first ever “Police Riots”, where the violence ranged from Dan Rather being attacked by Thugs on the Convention floor, to the masses of mostly peaceful young protesters being savagely beaten in Grant Park, was a televised example of just how far apart Our Nation had become.

My Fear is, that we are once again divided by issues and opposing visions of the future, and that If, we make the wrong decision in the Voting booths, that we could once again see violence in the streets, and this at a time when our financial peril is the greatest it’s been since the days before the Panic of ’29, and that collapse of our Banking and Stock Markets.

As we go about our Observations and Memorials today, I hope that each of us will ask ourselves, “can we afford to discard a Man of Vision and an Inspirational figure to millions?, and replace him with the cynical and selfish ideas of a man who was born to wealth and privilege, a man who understands None of the Values and Aspirations that have made Our Middle Class Lives the Envy of the World ?”

I sure hope that We Baby-Boomers, we members of “The Biggest Generation”, will decide to give President Obama four more years to finish this incredibly hard Recovery, a recovery that he has begun with absolutely No help from the Republican Majority in Congress, and a Recovery which the Republicans belittle and deny, once more putting their Political fortunes ahead of the National good.


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